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Unable to Import Contacts from Address Book

"There was a problem encountered when trying to import contact(s)"  has been the message that continually plagues us when we try to setup our new flyp line and import contacts from our business directory.  The concept and product that flyp offers is exactly what my businesses need, but after waiting days for a reply through support and receiving only static, I thought that I would turn to the community for support and guidance.

We are using the latest version of flyp.  All of our personal devices are Apple iphone 6s's, and are updated to the latest iOS 9.1.  

Whether we attempt to import phone numbers individually or in batches the response remains the same "There was a problem encountered when trying to import contact(s)", and our directory remains empty.  

Please let me know if any of you have encountered this and how you corrected this issue.

Did you ever get a solution for your problem? I am having the same issue with a Galaxy Note edge. Thanks

Bob - We worked with Daniel in the Flyp IT department and were able to load all of our contacts.  What we did was try doing it in smaller batches (2-7 contacts at a time), and that seemed to work better.  We found that if we accidentally included a contact that had already been imported, that would we received the error prompt and the batch wouldn't import.  I know that the Flyp team is actively working to patch the software to fully address this, but keep clicking contacts and grinding it out.  

When I click on "IMport Contacts" absolutely nothing happens OR the app closes.

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