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Can't answer calls

I haven't been able to figure out how to answer calls with Flyp. I have an iPhone 5.

The phone rings, and a notification pops up. If I tap the notification, nothing happens. If I slide right, it takes me to another screen which allows me to send the call to voicemail, or answer it by sliding another button to the right.

If I slide that button to the right, Flyp then attempts to call the number that is trying to call me.

This makes no sense. I haven't yet been able to successfully answer a call.

This is my problem too and I have lost business as a result.  I'm now trying to cancel the service.


Hi Jeremy,

I apologize for the delay, but I’m excited to say I will now be moderating the Flyp forum.

Since your post, our engineering team has worked hard to improve the notification settings within the app to address the exact issue you were having. This week we released an update for iOS , so if you download the latest version you shouldn’t have this issue. As an added resource, you can see exactly how to answer a call in our FAQ:

To address your other issue of why Flyp dials out when you receive an incoming call– that actually means the app is working! To connect calls, Flyp uses your iPhone’s built-in phone app to call Flyp’s network. This keeps your mobile number private and secure.

We’ve reached out to you via email with a special thank you for sticking with us!



Hi Amanda,

You can check out our FAQ to see exactly how to answer a call: The best way to cancel your subscription is to go directly through the Apple App Store: or Google PlayStore: We’re sorry to see you go and we’ve reached out via email to try and make it right.  



I have a Nexus 6 and I'm having the same problem. My phone doesn't ring when someone calls my Flyp and I'm not receiving text messages. I restarted my phone and the ringing worked once then a few minutes later it didn't work. My app notification settings are correct, so my phone should be ringing.

All of a sudden when I try and answer a call or call out all I hear is silence? Please help
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