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How do I cancel payment? Will payments cancel if I uninstall app?

I have sent a message requesting cancellation and have not received a response. It has been over a week. My account was also charged again after I sent this request.

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yes I dont know where this app came from but I need them to stop charging my account

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Looking to cancel membership. Cancel payments.

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I just installed this app last night. It said that it was free for 3 days and $7.99/mth. I read that you're allowed up to 5 lines for the $7.99? I have 5 lines and you guys charged me $7.99 per line! That's $40廊 I am requesting a full refund + my overdrafts for each ($7.99) that was fraudulently stolen from my account @ $26 per Overdraft $207.74 <▪︎▪︎▪︎▪︎WTF?!?!?! REALLY?!?!?!? 廊

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How do you cancel?? Do I just need to file a stop payment on my credit card?

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You have to go into Google Play Store, and manage subscriptions. You'll be able to cancel there.

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This is a great idea.  Just like my idea to time travel.  But it doesn't work.

I did not authorize charges made on this and want full refund!
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