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Cant make calls

I just resubscribed to Flyp and now I cannot make phone calls. I can text, but I cannot call. I have refreshed the app, restarted my phone but it is still not working.

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I’m having the same problem
Me too, my access number in the UK doesn’t work

Well, at least I'm not alone... what other options are out there that actually work?

My number can’t make or receive calls but it can text.

Same problem.

I am not able to make calls, I paid for it after the free trial and now I can't make calls.
I can't make calls what do I need to do to fix his problem cuz I'm paying for a service that's not working right

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Im having the same problem. They took money out of my account. Smh
Glad I paid for something that I can not use! I want my money back!

HELP! This is how my clents call me. Please find a permanent solution. Ths is a sysmtemic and repeated issue. I want to purchase my number from you all. This service is wildly unreliable and I need to get out with my number.

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