If you need a little peace and quiet, you can shut off your Flyp number(s) so calls and texts won’t disturb you. 

To turn on Do Not Disturb:

1. Select the Picker ( for iPhone and  for Android) icon in the upper left corner
2. Tap Do Not Disturb  for the number you want to silence or All Numbers, if you want to turn off all your Flyp numbers
3. With Do Not Disturb on, calls will go directly to voice mail and you will not receive notifications for incoming texts. You can still make phone calls and send texts while Do Not Disturb is on
4. To turn off Do Not Disturb, press the Do Not Disturb moon icon

NOTE: Flyp notifications are subject to your phone settings. If your phone is silenced, it will override Flyp’s Do Not Disturb setting.

See also "Troubleshooting: I’m not receiving notifications for calls, texts or voicemails."