When you download and register for Flyp, you will be asked to:

1. Allow Flyp access to your contacts. This allows the app to import any contacts you have in your phone's address book
2. After your contacts have been imported into Flyp, you can delete or edit the contacts without affecting your phone's existing address book. Please note; If Flyp does not have access to your contacts, you will not be able to import contacts from your phone's address book into Flyp

To import a contact from your address book:


1. Tap Contacts
2. Tap the plus symbol "+" in the upper right corner
3. Select Import From Address Book


1. Tap Contacts
2. Tap the Menu Icon    in the upper right corner

3. Select Import Contacts
4. Select the contacts you want to import, then tap Done


If you would like to create a new contact, click here.
If you would like to invite your friends to join Flyp, click here.
Still having trouble adding contacts from your address book? Contact support@getflyp.com.