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This service SUCKS in my opinion!

Flyp Phone Service SUCKS!!! “In my opinion.” DO NOT USE THIS SERVICE!!!

I had bought a phone number from Flyp and decided to use this for a business I represented so I would have an understanding of whom and what they may be calling about. Wasn’t the greatest however it was working, ok. I had printed up and handed out 500 business cards at different business networking events only to have this company cut off my number and never even tell me anything about this happening. It wasn’t till a client tried to get in touch with me and explained that my phone was not working. I tested the number and found she was correct.

I then contacted Flyp regarding this issue and to get things working again. After a couple of emails because there is no phone # anywhere that I could find to contact Flyp. They finally got back with me and stated that a contractor had done this and this was beyond their control. I am currently in telecommunications as well and have never had a phone number canceled except for failure to pay. Flyp has not responded to my request of why this happened and who this contractor may be? I am attempting to get the contractor and contact information so I may see if I may save this number.

The lack of customer service with this company is terrible and so ridiculous as well.

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