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Can’t send or receive messages

First of all there’s a few problems, but I hate this one the most. So yesterday I was just messaging my friends and all of a sudden I can’t send or receive any more messages which is super weird. I had to contact flyp about it and they made me change my password.. done that and still nothing changes I still can’t see my messages or send any. Also I can’t import contacts from my phone itself. It’s really annoying cause I do pay 7 euro’s every month for this app. So you would expect a bit more. I don’t wanna lose my number and I still wanna use flyp but I just wanna know does anyone else have these problems?

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My account is not working it shows null error and i report problem but you can't respond
My account didn't work i complain too many times but you do nothing ...why you didn't response?
Again my account stop working i don't know why you people don't work on this shit because i pay for unlimited msgs and you stop my account on 50 msgs every time. .i really like your app that's why I choose you but you disappointed me,I wish you work on my issue soon,please fix my account one more time i already waiting for 24 hours thank you
I tried to use my Flyp # as my recovery number for my google email account... but when I go to register it, google says it’s an invalid #... what gives?
Same issue.. I don't want to cancel because I gave my number out. I haven't heard anything from submitting a ticket
App sucks
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