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I want my number back

Dear Sir od Madame, My original number was canceled and. I didnt see a way to get reactivated. So i paid for a new nuber but i would like my 646.78u.10t4 numer back please. Thank you

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dont know where my number is

I went my nampar foun

I would like ot recover my old number , if that isnt possible please issue me a new number

Trying to renew for the current number, but the app keeps trying to assign me a new number.  NEED TO KEEP EXISTING NUMBER as it is a BIZ LINE.

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I can see my number but it is not working. I need that exact number back
My number is not working
Quiero mi número de vuelta formatee el celular y ya no lo puedo obtener
I have the same problem. I had an issue with payments on one of my numbers. The number still appears on my Flyp account but I can't use it or reactivate it. I'd love to keep paying for it but can't figure out how...
Quiero mi numero scavo de pagar hace unos días pero cambie mi número de celular este día y ya no aparece necesito el número que tenía tengo un contacto muy importante lo necesito urgente

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